Why NOT Me?

A True Story About a Miracle in Miami

By: Raymond Rodriguez-Torres, M.mgt


“Why Not Me?" A True Story about a Miracle in Miami by: Raymond Rodriguez-Torres, M.mgt is

published by Westbow Press and is NOW available online. 

Questions? Please e-mail: info@whyNOTmebook.com

*100% of the author’s profits from this book are donated to Pediatric Cancer Research & Charity

If you've felt defeated, tired, and wondering where God is, this book will inspire you! If you wonder if miracles truly exist, this book will enlighten you!  If you know and have a relationship with God, this true story will strengthen you!

Miracles did not stop happening 2000 years ago, they still happen today. This is the riveting true story about a little girl who became paralyzed and diagnosed with cancer.  She was not expected to ever walk again and live only but a few months. This formally investigated miracle is a story of faith, prayer & Victory!


Official Website of Raymond Rodriguez-Torres 2010

Official Website of Raymond Rodriguez-Torres 2010 Executive and Author of Why Not Me.. Copyright 2010

Official Website of Raymond Rodriguez-Torres, M.mgt

The author of Why Not Me? is Raymond Rodriguez-Torres

Christian  Rodriguez-Torres is the cousin of Bella Rodrigez-Torres.  He is young man who dedicates his life to helping others.  He assists children with special needs and is a loving and exceptional young man.

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